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B-Square's multi-faceted operation makes a perfect "laboratory in nature" with tremendous educational potential. Yearly conservation tours, including 1,500 fifth graders, strive to teach our part in protecting natural resources. Regardless of the scale, we all can do our part to improve resources utilization and better protect our environment.

Through a co-operative agreement with the San Juan College Foundation, an Archeological Field School is now in progress on the ranch with future botanical and mineralogical study projects in the planning stages.

Over 100,000 visits us annually, either at the ranch or at the New Mexico State Fair, including school classes of all grades, bird and nature clubs, 4-H, agriculture tour groups, foreign exchange students, photographers and artists. The movie "Coyote Mountain" was shot on location o the ranch.

We are always glad to answer questions or give advise on any of the projects or displays that can be seen on the B-Square Ranch.

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